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About Us

Your family life is managed, growing, connected, and memorized in an organized and warm place every day from generation to generation.

Manage your daily life
Every day, we have so many things to do, dates to remember, things to share, topics to discuss, and resources to access. You want an easy system to centralize them in one place.

Build your family’s future
Kids want to have a “quiet” place to discuss homework, have useful advice to help their education, and have good resources to build their life skills to prepare their future.

Adults have a lot of goals for their family and career. They want to have a private place to socialize with their family, their close friends, other parents, and their neighborhood.

Share and Connect
We all come from special families, grow up, get to know new friends, and have a new family. We have special moments to share. Families live in different places and they want to be connected in a better way with each other.

Family Tree, Memory, and Documentation
We would like to have our family museum, a place that we can store our memories. Where do we come from? Who are our great grandparents? Who are in our family? There are a lot of important documents, photos, and videos that we want to store in a place and can be carried over from generation to generation.

The myFamilyBook team wants to provide you a platform to make your life better, easier, happier, and more memorable. We created myFamilyBook for you to have fun and enjoy your life!

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